Red Thai Curry

So for my first post I’ve decided to make something that’s very cheap, but will look and taste like something that you would pay 15 quid for in a takeaway.

1. The first step is to collect you ingredients. You will need Rice(basmati is my preference), curry paste, coconut milk and chicken. This dish can also be made with prawns but they are more expensive


2.   Boil  the kettle, and put it in a pot with the rice and a pinch of salt. One cup of rice per person is more than enough and double the amount of water to the amount of rice. The rice will take around 20 minutes to cook and allow 5 minutes to stand.

3.  Dice the chicken, and fry it in a heavy base pan with oil until it starts to brown. IMG_1545

4. When the chicken has browned, add the curry paste. There is no fancy way to do this just dump the whole jar in on top of the chicken. Mix in well with the chicken and allow to sizzle for a minute before moving on to the next step.


5. Next comes the coconut milk. Just pour it into the pan and mix until it forms one creamy liquid with the paste. Coconut milk is high in fat so you can get the light/low fat version. I went for the full fat.


6. Now if you are like me and you like you curry with a bit of a kick you can add chili powder. Be careful though, this stuff is hot. The amount shown in the picture is plenty.


7. Now all you have to do is serve it up and chow down!


8. I made popadoms, but that is a optional extra. All you do is pop them in a deep fat fryer for a couple of seconds.


9. Best served with a good movie, I went for the Shawshank Redemption (again!).

Hope you try this and enjoy it